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@travel_a_little_luxe tells us about how she makes her home feel like an oasis and wheres he dreams of travelling to next.

April 28th, 2020
Travel a Little Luxe
Travel a Little Luxe

How do you make your home feel like an oasis?

By surrounding myself with people and things that bring me joy. Comfy oversized linen sofas and French linen bed sheets! Green plants and lots of natural sunlight. We recently moved into our new home so it was the perfect time to donate a lot of unnecessary stuff and declutter. This helps clear my mind and boost my creativity and makes our home feel like an oasis. A lot of our furniture and homewares are made from natural products, made by hand or from my overseas travel. I always have one of my favourite home fragrances/candles perfuming our home.


What’s your favourite home cooked meal?

In summer, it’s grilled atlantic salmon and a big salad full of absolutely everything.

In winter, its orange and maple slow cooked lamb shanks with roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots & broccoli. If mum is cooking absolutely anything she puts on my plate. I also travel hours for my grandmother’s fried fish and chips (she is 94 now and is a legend at it).


What’s your go-to beverage? 

Coffee - strong soy or oat Flat White. 

Dry white wine, champagne, lychee martini and Aperol Spritz

Lots of water (infused with fresh mint, lemon and cucumber)


How do you relax and unwind?

A perfect 2 hours in my day is a walk/run/cycle outside (or yoga) and then a lazy hour on the sofa with a non fiction book/magazine. As appealing as an entire afternoon on the sofa sounds, I have a bad back and cannot sit still. The exercise beforehand helps with this. Ironically, to relax I need to be moving!


What are you reading at the moment?

Last summer I spent a glorious month in Italy with my family and my dear parents wrote a diary of our trip together. I am only reading a half hour at a time as I don’t want it to end.

If you love Italy and dreaming of a summer vacay, then Penelope Green’s 3 books will teleport you there. For motivation I am always picking up Lisa Messengers books.


What are you listening to at the moment? (Music & Podcasts) 

Nothing. The speakers are off and the ear pods have been put away in the drawer! Sometimes I need to switch off all the white noise, information and advice that fills my ears every day. For me, now is a good time to gather my own thoughts and hear myself think, and recalibrate.


Favourite JETS piece?

It changes! Now it is the Jetset White linen pants. They are so transitional and can be worn from the beach and then out to lunch. They are super comfy and perfectly pleated to be styled up.  I was even doing loungeroom yoga in them yesterday. They are the perfect staple.


Where has been your favourite destination you’ve travelled too?

I have favourites for different reasons:

Rio, Brazil (I got engaged here and it was the one place since I was young I was drawn to visiting)

Amalfi Coast, Italy – for the beautiful life. I could live here forever. It’s soooo my lifestyle !

The Maldives – for total relaxation and ultimate (true) luxury

Peru – for outdoor adventure

Lech and St Anton, Europe for alpine skiing


Where are you dreaming of travelling to next?

Seychelles, Mallorca and Menorca


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Travel a Little Luxe
Travel a Little Luxe