25th July, 2017
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JETS Swimwear was lucky to shoot on the beautiful shores of Manly Beach for our SPRING Campaign. However, this beautiful area and all our oceans in Australia are under threat from plastic waste. This month, JETS is supporting Plastic Free July to reduce the single-use plastic that is damaging our oceans.

Plastic Free July is a worldwide initiative that is led by Plastic Free Manly in the local area. This is a community driven movement made up by locals who are committed to protecting Manly all year round.

“Manly is a very special place. From its surfing waves to its tranquil bays, its rock pools to its diving schools. From its walking tracks to its bike-hire racks, there’s nowhere else like it in the world. Yet plastic is threatening the future of our beautiful home.”


We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to use this stunning area as the backdrop for our campaign and we wholly support the endeavours of Plastic Free Manly to protect our ocean.

Single-use plastic bags, plastic coffee cups, straws and bottles are only used for a few minutes, but this material can take anywhere from 10-1000 years to decompose in landfills. This waste often ends up in the waterways and the ocean which harms marine life and pollutes the environment.

Alarmingly, scientists predict that there will be more tonnes of plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. It is also estimated that every day Australians use over 100 million new plastic bags every day.

JETS Australia is committed to our environment and sustainability. We utilise Renew Plus fabrication, made from 10% recycled yarns, such as disregarded industrial waste, to create eco-friendly swimwear for many of print ranges. Read more about Renew Plus here.

This month, we are supporting Manly and Plastic Free July by making a commitment to reduce our single-use plastic consumption. Here are three easy ways in which you can reduce your plastic waste.

  1. BYO SHOPPING BAG - Single use shopping bags are the biggest culprit of plastic waste. While the importance of using a recyclable bag is something we’re all aware of, sometimes they can be forgotten at home. To make sure you always have green bags on you, store a couple in the boot of your car or leave some in your desk at work.


  1. RE-USABLE COFFEE CUPS - It’s no secret that we love our coffee in Australia, mainly because we are so good at making it! However, our burgeoning café culture is creating a high level of disposable cup wastage. These ‘paper cups’ actually contain a plastic lining that are not biodegradable. Invest in a re-usable cup that you can take your café for your takeaway coffee. The environment will be thanking you!


  1. SAY NO TO STRAWS - Plastic straws are largely a single-use item. Restaurants and bars can go through a voluminous amount of straws each day, especially when a single patron orders a number of drinks. Next time you’re out, have a think about whether a straw is necessary. Sometimes we need to use straws with lipstick, but see if you can keep the same one instead of using a new one each drink.